Stuck in a (string) Rut

November 26, 2009

I feel kinda like my guitar playing is stuck in a rut, my attempts at fingerpicking are still shitty, but playing with a plectrum REALLY ain’t doing it for me atm.

I think it’s my thumb that’s bothering me. With the thumb brush I can’t get any volume acoustically at all, & I REALLY hate thumb picks of any kind

I’m feeling quite downhearted by the whole sorry affair really

At least I still have Brownie McGhee’s guitar book to work through, that at least is helping


Internet Irritation pt 2

November 5, 2009

Talk Talk are fucking morons. 7 days since our phone and net went ass upwoulds, and they ring us ON A PHONE THAT STILL DOESN’T FUCKING WORK, to tell us it’s fixed, which IT FUCKING ISN’T!!!!!!!


Internet Irritation

November 2, 2009

Their seems to have been a fairly serious problem at my local exchange. I haven’t had phone or Internet for 4 days. They’ve been promising it’ll be fixed within 4 hours for approximately 24 hours now 😦

It must have been a serious problem to last this long I suppose. I’m not impressed with Talk Talk tho, I feel a complaint coming on methinks

I’m just glad I’ve goty iPhone to stay connected with, I’m having withdrawal from broadband Internet, I’ve got the DT’s and everything

Hope it’s back soon


October 14, 2009

Banks are all cunts. £6 overdrawn £50 fine. Go fuck youselves Santander. Fucking cunts Fucking assholes, wet pustulating cunts. A fucking pox on all of them

I think I’ve broken my trying not to swear rule again haven’t I?

With how much their is in high finance why do they pick on people who only have sick pay to fucking live on?


Communication Breakdown

August 30, 2009

I just realised why I never received any of the comments you people have left me, it was sending ’em to an email address I haven’t used in yonks, so appologies to all, I wasn’t being rude, I just never got ’em. It’s corrected now tho

August 30, 2009

Brownie McGhee Blues Guitar

I found this rather excellent book ‘Brownie McGhee Blues Guitar’ round a bootfair for only 2 quid, gotta be worth that thought I, so I bought it.

It is really very excellent, it might even help me break my fingerstyle mental block. It kinda reminds me of Patrick Costello’s books in a way, their’s wisdom and stories and musical lore mixed in with the tuition, and Brownie tells you WHY you’re doing a certain thing and not just to do it and move onto the next thing, very useful methinks.

Their follows some vids of him on youtube. I think all music videos featuring good guitar players should be shot the same way as the 1st one

Neighbours at War

August 21, 2009

The mad woman downstairs is causing us more grief again. This time the mad cow blocked our car in and didn’t open up when he knocked making my dad 40 minutes late for work, had to contact the housing officer again, the womans a psychopath

It worked

August 20, 2009

It seems to have worked, hurrah

Stuff n Stuff

August 20, 2009

Well, it’s been months since I did anything here, naughty Danny. However I have discovered a new iPhone app that lets me update my blog from my phone, HURRAH, this is me seeing if it works really.

I will my 1 and only reader TRY and blog more frequently, hopefully this app will give me the impetus to do just that


February 26, 2009

I’m now an official twit, check out my inane rambling at